Piper McDaniel


Journalism is why I get out of bed. I am passionate about holding power to account and serving the greater good through important work. My goal is to strengthen and advance how news is made and disseminated.

Current: I cover Portland protests for The Oregonian.

For one year I tracked and reported on the recovery of 121 evacuees of the Camp Fire for this engagement project.

I also developed The Rural News Network, a pilot dissemination project exploring new ways to produce and disseminate news in collaboration with 17 existing rural news outlets.

I won a Los Angeles Associated Press Award for this.

I’m based in the Pacific Northwest and I write about the environment and other interesting things. I’ve written for the Los Angeles Times, Huffington Post, The Oregonian, High Country News, Economic Hardship Reporting Project and others.

Let’s do journalism: mcdaniel.piper1@gmail.com