Engagement Journalism

Follow the Camp Fire, November 2018, Ongoing

Follow the Camp Fire is an in-progress project that is tracking the recovery of 121 evacuees of the Camp Fire, an extreme wildfire that consumed the community of Paradise, CA in November 2018, displacing an estimated 54,000 people.

This project will monitor and report on evacuee recovery for a period of 1 year. As part of a graduate studies effort, the project will also involve collaboration with University of Oregon professors and researchers to: 1) identify populations vulnerable to becoming climate evacuees, 2) conduct long-term investigative reporting on disaster recovery, policy, and industry, 3) assess the preparedness of existing media structures in Oregon to report on in-progress disasters, 4) to assess the potential impacts of news deserts on disaster preparedness, 5) to produce and disseminate news related to the above items, and 6) to maintain an ongoing partnership with the Chico Enterprise-Record investigating and reporting on wildfire impacts and long-term evacuees.

The Rural News Network November 2017

The Rural News Network is a news publication model dedicated to supporting rural news outlets in order to better serve rural readers and to export rural stories of relevance to a broader audience.

The Rural Stories Project November 2017

The Rural Stories Project is a platform documenting and exploring the culture and communities of rural California. Utilizing interpretive text, photography, and recorded conversations and interviews, this project provides a window into rural life, shedding light on the history and forces defining these places. Find it here.

The Growing Divide  March 2016

The Growing Divide explores the impacts of the marijuana industry on the rural community of Hayfork, CA through interviews, interpretive text, and photography. Utilizing these mediums, the project  portrays community members, board of supervisors, law enforcement and marijuana growers with the end goal of  telling the complex story of this evolving industry in the community of Hayfork. See it here.